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2 kids, and great wife...a fabulous support group called family. I started a company called, Lotame. We are the premier Data Management Platform for both Publishers and Advertisers. We help companies make sense of all their data, in order to help them grow their business - and to drive real results. I'm learning alot about running a company, and executing is adventurous and exciting. ******************* Worked for 6 years at in Sales. Opened NYC office for the company, and helped grow the business HUGE. I am super proud of assisting in the growth of the company, and it is a fabulous organization that I'm proud to say I helped build. The most important aspect of the company, is the people at I'm thrilled to say I worked with the ABSOLUTE greatest group of people on the internet. It had a HUGE impact on me. I am passionate and energetic for things/issues and people I care about...and everything else to me is mundane. I will try to make this blog about important topics on a daily basis around life, internet,music and other "things.." I can be reached at ([email protected])